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Dentists are responsible for helping you take care of your oral health. They have extensive knowledge and skills to diagnose and treat wide range of problems that affect your teeth and mouth. Although they are trained initially for five years at a university they continue to keep brushing up on their skills throughout their careers

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Dentists call on Govt to ban sugary drinks in schools

13 June 2017

Dentists and Māori public health organisation Hāpai Te Hauoroa are calling on the Government to remove all sugary drinks from schools, leaving students with only water and milk. NZDA Spokesperson Dr Rob Beaglehole speaks to the AM Show. See the full interview here View Page »

Taranaki dairies ban kids from buying sugary drinks

27 February 2017

Three's 'The Project' looks at sugary drinks, including a panel discussion. http://www.newshub.co.nz/home/health/2017/02/taranaki-dairies-ban-kids-from-buying-sugary-drinks.html View Page »

Baby CJ’s smile off to a good start: Colgate, Plunket and the NZDA reach over 500,000 Kiwi babies in decade-long partnership

14 February 2017

Seven month old CJ Ringrose may not yet have his first tooth, but West Auckland Mum Vicky Ringrose is all set on how to care for his precious baby teeth thanks to a Colgate partnership with Plunket in association with the New Zealand Dental Association (NZDA) that has touched over… View Page »

Dental Association says sugary drink icon can help confusion over kids’ drinks

9 February 2017

Recent research on the sugar content of supermarket-sold beverages in New Zealand shows finding out sugar levels is a confusing area says the New Zealand Dental Association.    Sugar is a major contributor to dental decay, and the study showed that some fruit juices have higher sugar levels than fizzy drinks.… View Page »

Dental Association highlight range of actions for sugary drinks

9 December 2016

Dental Association highlight range of actions for sugary drinks The New Zealand Dental Association is launching a new consensus statement on Sugary Drinks endorsed by key health organisations. The actions seek to reduce harm caused by sugary drinks consumption. The statement, launched today at Wellington's Brooklyn Primary School, highlights seven… View Page »