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Consensus Statement on Sugary Drinks

Sugary drinks are no longer a looming public health crisis, but a very real one. By working together, and acting now, we can prevent not only oral health damage, but obesity - a leading risk factor for diabetes, cardiovascular disease and some cancers.

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About NZDA

The New Zealand Dental Association was founded in 1905 and is an incorporated society that provides voluntary membership to dentists registered with the Dental Council of New Zealand. The Association is the largest group representing dentists in New Zealand. Approximately 96 percent of New Zealand dentists are members of the Association and historically the Association has attracted the majority of registered dentists as members.

The Association is committed to its motto "For the Public Weal" by supporting dentists to deliver quality oral health care in New Zealand. The NZDA continues to advocate for oral health across the population and works with many issues that affect the oral health of the public. 

The NZDA's Mission Statement

The Association exists to promote

  • dental and allied sciences
  • the oral health of the public
  • the interests of the dental profession

Roles of the Association

The Association provides three main roles that are indentified in the mission statement:

The NZDA assists its members by providing appropriate services and products and represents dentists in discussions with government and private agencies. It promotes and funds dental research through the NZDA Dental Research Foundation, and supports members' families through the NZDA Benevolent Fund. It promotes oral health and the dental profession through education of the public and advocacy and discussion with the broad range of organizations, companies and public and private agencies that affect standards of oral health.

NZDA Contact Details

New Zealand Dental Association
NZDA House
Building 1
195 Main Highway
Auckland 1051

PO Box 28084
Auckland 1541

Tel: +64 9 579 8001
Fax: +64 9 580 0010